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About me - Jörg Hafer


Born and raised in a small town in the northwest of Germany. I grew up in a family of five. Through the business of my father I got insights into the finance and insurance business and first touch points with company taxes in general. This led me to a Professional Training as a Tax Consultant Assistant. I continued education at the vocationally-oriented upper secondary school to be able to start an academic study.

After I finished the school I was elected out of 600 applicants for the Congress Bundestag Youth exchange for young professionals (CBYX) to be places in the USA for one year on a work visa. The goal of the program is to have in intercultural exchange by staying in host families, participate in university courses and work in an American company. Former participants (incl. me) were asked by the US embassy to found an alumni organization (more than 400 members throughout Germany) where I’m still a member of the supervisory board. The year Upstate New York and the alumni work still have a strong influence on my private life and business career.

While planning my career it was always clear that I’d like to serve customers - from Service Management over Delivery Management to Client Management. And by selecting the job opportunities along my career I tried to get as many different insights into Sales, Service and Delivery as possible to be able to value the different needs from the different perspectives. By now I think I do have a broad variety of general and specific knowledge to be combined in one challenging new opportunity - serving you and your organization.

I am a results-orientated business professional with proven abilities in strategic planning, managing projects, improving efficiency of operations, team building and detailing project information to determine effective processes for operations.

Able to identify areas of strength and weakness and implement company policies, standards, changes in operation and systems that optimize productivity and bottom line demonstrate ability to motivate staff to maximum productivity and control costs through the most effective uses of manpower and available resources.

Within the following self-description I will outline my expertise in the different areas – underpinned by testimonials of people I’ve worked for and with.

Within my career I combine most of my gathered experience around Complex and Big Deals (70 Mio. € and above). To be able to safeguarded sales engagements and ensure a transparent and risk free transition and transformation phase I developed and introduced a solution verification process (Due Diligence) – aligned with the existing sales, service and delivery processes. My department consists out off a team of highly skilled experts who are able to validate technical as well commercial assumptions and issues in outsourcing engagements and are able to verify the inherent risk for the organisation and define the customer obligations. These activities are performed within the sales team and in coordination with the customer. The results will be presented internally and externally on board level.

The proposal towards the request from a customer is always a balance between standard deliverable portfolio elements and customer specific solution elements. By defining the right portfolio and being able to implement and produce the standards in the most cost-effective way the solution design will be smart and fast. The better the standards fit to the market needs the better the chance of smooth and effective implementation into the production.

From a sales perspective it is necessary to meet the “price to win” and being able to make the designated margin. Product standards and standard delivery are supporting this need to be successful at the market.

Under my leadership the managed workplace services redesign took place. Coming from a vast variety of single services, individually calculated, not fitting together to a value chain and being too complex to sell towards managed services for three different types of user – easy to build, easy to implement and easier to sell.

To be able to sell such “Value Chain Outsourcing” approach the mind-set of the sales team has to focus on different topics to influence the customer with different arguments. After my team developed the new product design and delivery model we needed to train the organization and get the marketing ready. In a number of sessions on different levels in the organization my team and I held internal trainings as well as customer presentations and feedback rounds with analysts.

As a Service Delivery Executive I gained experience in a numerous assignments with different focus - from account start-up via continuous service delivery with dedicated and / or matrix staff until fix the contract.

While implementing a global contract my duty was to set-up the global delivery units dedicated to the customer. The different service competencies s. a. global help desk (India), service delivery management (South Africa), data centre services (Germany) and various operating capabilities (USA, Brazil, Germany, …) where ramped up and aligned to the contractual SLAs and KPIs. Besides the start-up for delivery the tasks had to be in sync with the transition and transformation activities s. a. asset takeover, staff transfer and global communication implementation. All activities have been done in line with the project plan and the calculated budget. Overall my work experience is founded on some basic but essential knowledge and experience.

I’m a number driven manager which steers business decisions based on KPIs and SLAs as well on P&L financial figures. To be able to do so I use templates and dashboards and, if not existent, I develop and implement such. For me it is essential for the successful project / program implementation and for value-add solution design with in business development. If the numbers are right and the solution fits for purpose the deal makes sense.

Based on my vocational training as a Tax Consultant Assistant I’m able to validate and report the day-to-day, monthly and yearly financial figures beyond the deal specific financial KPIs.

My leadership style is cooperative, goal driven and straight forward. I managed different teams in different sizes and different cultural environments. The number of direct reports reaches up to 100 and within matrix organization up to 400. I’m able to drive teams to success and still have a view on the work-live-balance.