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References - Jörg Hafer

James E. (Senior Program Manager)

“Operating at a senior management level, able and knowledgeable across a wide spectrum of technical and management disciplines Joerg is an effective, practical and successful catalyst for change and performance improvement. Introducing change within any organization is complex and difficult and requires a combination of strategic thought, planning and then practical and effective delivery measures. Joerg has successfully managed to introduce commercially orientated Due Diligence processes by developing and then agreeing a strategy with senior stakeholders, identifying and framing a service proposition and then commencing deployment. Within the successes he has led are to achieve the first stages in securing user buy in, which was achieved immediately on the first engagement from a client, and then to frame a series of quality gates to make a process flexible, adaptable and fit for purpose.”

Benedikt G. (Managing Consultant - Partner)

“I have been working with Jörg while he held the responsibility for Global Due Diligence unit at xxx. During this period Jörg has convinced clients as well as colleagues of his outstanding intellectual capabilities and his ability to sustainable implementation. I would always appreciate opportunities for common projects since Jörg has mastered to create a very cooperative working environment.”

Marc D. (Offering Manager IT Infrastructure & Application Operations)

„Cooperation: You have remained to me as a very co-operative, purposeful and constructive partner in a very positive recollection.
Appearance (towards colleagues and customers): The overall impression you leave is embossed by your long-standing experience towards customers and business partners. Here you have developed own, to me likeable style: Your appearance is determined and you resist extraordinary pressure very well. Your address is very direct, not superfluously elegantly and you act authentic.
Knowledge: In the area of Desktop Outsourcing I have got to know few (no) people in our company who can connect market, general IT and technology knowledge with equal standing to a whole-architectural model. Besides, is particularly to be emphasized that you can persuasive associate historical knowledge quick as a flash with topical market technology development.
Approach: Plain and very efficient.”

Bernd B. (Strategic Partner Management – Alliances Microsoft)

„Mr. Jörg Hafer was able due to his powers of persuasion and his tremendous strength in implementation in a very short time to set the course for the realignment of the xxx essential and top-selling Managed Workplace Services Offering.
Thus, our company to pursue the path of an internal service provider to a respected and innovative external service provider - especially in the desktop area. Analysts and customers are and were enthusiastic about this new model.
Mr. Hafer succeeded mainly to cut old braids and started a dynamic way - along with the entire team.
Through his implementation expertise, open communication in the team, the ultimate result focus and his vast experience (market knowledge, technology and procedural background knowledge) underlined Mr. Hafer here as an absolute team leader. The cooperation was excellent.” Bernd B. (Strategic Partner Management – Alliances Microsoft)

Horst W. (Portfolio Lifecycle Management)

"In 2009 and 2010 we have together performed about 25 Classroom / eClassroom trainings for a new offering in Germany and other European countries. Participants of the physical trainings where Account Manager, Customer Business Manager and Presales Architects as well as the Heads of the departments – in total more than 500 employees.
Participants were always enthusiastic about your motivating, sales-oriented performance. You have introduced the content in a very student-oriented and technically sound way and educated Sales and Presales in half-day and in full-day trainings.
Moreover, you were always ready with great personal commitment and on a short-term notice to perform trainings. I was thrilled by your courage to drive this actual topic. The trainings were conducted in German and of course, in English."

 Heike R. (Marketing Alignment Manager - IT / ICT Solution Marketing

"Jörg Hafer has enormous expertise around desktop services, from point of sale through a portfolio perspective to production. It is distinguished by its integrative capacity as team players and also has the leadership skills that you want as an employee. I regret not currently work with him, for me he is esteemed colleague and renowned professional manager in one. "

Kurt G. (Customer CIO)

“Jörg is an analytical and pragmatic leader, whose ability to quickly identify the root cause of problems has been remarkable. Additionally, his technical background and experience have made him an asset in terms of finding real, workable solutions to problems. It has been a pleasure working with Jörg during a period of great economic downturn and complex organizational change. His people skills, enthusiasm and optimism help to make the best of extraordinarily challenging times.Most important characteristics: excellent results, congenial, very integer”

Francesco W. (Business Development)

“Jörg is a very skilled solution architect, very dedicated and extremely task oriented person. I worked with him for a few weeks in Japan and he earned the respect of his Japanese colleagues. He's a very good asset to have in a pursuit.”

Stephan H. (Business Transformation Consultant)

“Jörg is a leader with clear directions and a straight-forward sales orientation. The tasks he led were always done prompt, in time & budget.”

Peter W. (Senior Solution Architect)

“I worked with Jörg in a couple of roles and can confirm that he is a committed and results-oriented IT professional. He communicates well with customers, senior management and technical experts, always keeping the focus on completing the task.”

Wolfram P. (Senior Program Manager)

“Jörg’s approach to proactive management and solutioning is a leading example of his professional rigor. Engaging, pragmatic and insightful, he is able to lead, deliver and develop to meet clients expectations. A real pleasure to work with.”