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Motivational Speaker / Moderator

Staff Events

Are you planning changes in your company? No matter what impact these changes have on your business, the organizations and your employees, take your employees along on your journey - make them confidantes and take the "wind out of their sails" early on.

Changes, drastic or marginal, always lead to incomprehension, to questions, sometimes to displeasure and annoyance. I do not want to put a stop to the emotions of the employees, but in a planned change, the communication for corporate and organizational change should take place early on and in line with the addressee's needs.

"The prophet in his own country" has very often difficult to transport the necessary content receiver-appropriate. Especially when it comes to changes that are difficult or impossible for employees to understand.

Get a prophet from another country;

Let us talk to your employees!

As a mediator between the worlds, as a non-party, as a knowledgeable associate, we introduce the employees to the planned change at employee events, describing the structured, comprehensible approach, the opportunities, the benefits but also the individual organizational effects. As a motivational speaker, we use the power of positive words and encourage employees to engage in constructive dialogue.

Company Presentation

You would like to present your company at trade fairs or symposia?

You would like to win the visitors of the opening events right from the beginning, and inspire them?

You would like an appealing speech with wit, charm and depth?

You want to leave a lasting impression on your audience?

Let's talk to your audience!

At countless specialist conferences, trade fairs and corporate events, we have already successfully brought content-rich topics to an interested professional audience in a way that has made a lasting impression. In addition, we have experience as a moderator of "round tables", expert discussions or full-day events.